OWS Bills help you to bill the jewellery with the exact market value of Gold, Silver, and other elements. Jewellery shops often find it difficult to estimate the actual price of the jewellery during billing. Using advanced billing software in Jewellery stories is more like a necessity than a luxury. OWS Bills estimate the most accurate price of the product and create bills accordingly.

OWS Bills are billing software for Jewellery. It helps you to bill the product by estimating the exact price of Gold, Silver, and other elements with an advanced algorithm developed by the team. OWS Bills provide you with an accurate estimation of the product when it comes to billing.

OWS Bills provides you with the option to add your own rates in the billing software update gold rate, silver rate, and platinum rate, per gram rate of almost a hundred materials. With this update feature you don't have to connect your store with the internet, just update your rates after calculation and that's it. It is unique billing software built keeping in mind the jewellery store requirements. It is so easy to use that even fresher can handle this software with ease.

OWS Bills is cloud-based billing software that facilitates jewellery shops to bill their products efficiently. Estimation of the actual price of the product becomes easy with this software. It ensures that the estimation is accurate and helps all jewellers to fix their bills accordingly.Read more....

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