OWS Bills is considered one of the best Pharmacy billing software. You can calculate and track records of minor transactions as well as a big supply of medic. Not just billing, but OWS Bills help you keep an eye on your in-store inventory as well. You can easily list medicines of all kinds in the product and pricing so that you won’t bother with the calculator during the billing process.

OWS Bills is the perfect store management software for your pharmacy. It has a built-in calculator that helps you to quickly calculate the bill amount and reduces errors. With OWS Cash, you can easily manage the POS system for your store.

You can create a separate tab for medicine expiry date and keep a tab on medicine being expired. OWS Cash also gives accessibility to print multiple reports from the system to gain information about sales/inventory/transactions etc.

As you know, the process of billing is an exact science. It involves specific techniques to be adopted so that the whole process goes smoothly. Before choosing billing software, you must find out which one will be suitable for your needs.Read more....

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